Hello, my name is Oskar Stal (Oskar Stål in Swedish) and I have followed TV shows for as long as I can remember. When I was a teenager I had a rack of VHS recorders loaded with empty tapes at all times. This rack would record all the TV shows I followed and I never missed a single episode. You can say that I had my VHS/human based TiVo already as a youngster in the late eightees.

Some of the shows I remember following are Hill Street Blues, Twin Peaks, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Friends & Seinfeld.

Today I still watch lot’s of TV shows, I am constantly following at least two shows. I watch both quality shows, and really crappy shows not worth mentioning here. Right now I am watching Californication and Mad Men.

Some of my favorite shows are: Seinfeld, Sopranos, Dexter, The Wire, West Wing, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy and many more.

I have just finished season two of Boardwalk Empire. It was really good, I strongly recommend it. The first one was a little slow, but the second was much better. The show is extremely thoroughly crafted and you can clearly see that it’s a proper high budget and high ambition show.

Update: I have now also watched season three. It was a great season, still a little slow but generally a beautiful show with a great story-line. A must see.

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Right now I'm deep into the show "Breaking Bad". It's a really cool show about this old chemistry teacher who goes rouge. He starts cooking meth to support his family and give them some security. Cooking the best purest meth eventually becomes a huge passion and he prides himself in being the best of all meth cooks. Watch it!